The Keynesian Perspective on Market Forces

By the end of this section, you will be able to:<ul><li>Explain the Keynesian perspective on market forces</li><li>Analyze the role of government policy in economic management</li></ul>


Precalculus is intended for college-level Precalculus students. Since Precalculus courses vary from one institution to the next, we have attempted to meet the needs of as broad an audience as possible, including all of the content that might be covered in any particular course. The result is a comprehensive book that covers more ground than an instructor could likely cover in a typical one- or two-semester course; but instructors should find, almost without fail, that the topics they wish to include in their syllabus are covered in the text. Many chapters of Openstax Precalculus are suitable for other freshman and sophomore math courses such as College Algebra and Trigonometry; however, instructors of those courses might need to supplement or adjust the material. Openstax will also be releasing a College Algebra and Trigonometry title tailored to the particular scope, sequence, and pedagogy of those courses.

Linear Functions

In this section, you will:<ul><li>Represent a linear function.</li><li>Determine whether a linear function is increasing, decreasing, or constant.</li><li>Calculate and interpret slope.</li><li>Write the point-slope form of an equation.</li><li>Write and interpret a linear function.</li></ul>

Systems of Nonlinear Equations and Inequalities: Two Variables

In this section, you will:<ul><li>Solve a system of nonlinear equations using substitution.</li><li>Solve a system of nonlinear equations using elimination.</li><li>Graph a nonlinear inequality.</li><li>Graph a system of nonlinear inequalities.</li></ul>

Public Goods

By the end of this section, you will be able to: <ul> <li>Identify a public good using nonexcludable and nonrivalrous as criteria</li> <li>Explain the free rider problem</li> <li>Identify several sources of public goods</li> </ul>

Solving Systems with Inverses

In this section, you will:<ul><li>Find the inverse of a matrix.</li><li>Solve a system of linear equations using an inverse matrix.</li></ul>

Finding Limits: Properties of Limits

In this section, you will: <ul> <li>Find the limit of a sum, a difference, and a product.</li> <li>Find the limit of a polynomial.</li> <li>Find the limit of a power or a root.</li> <li>Find the limit of a quotient.</li> </ul>

Graphs of Exponential Functions

<ul> <li>Graph exponential functions.</li> <li>Graph exponential functions using transformations.</li> </ul>

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