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Staying on Top When Your World's Upside Down


Fear can make you stupid

Tác giả: Joe Tye

“When we find ourselves in trouble, when we find ourselves on the cusp of failing, our survival instinct - and our fear - can evoke lurching, reactive behavior absolutely contrary to survival. The very moment when we need to take calm, deliberate action, we run the risk of doing the exact opposite and bringing about the very outcomes we fear.” 
Jim Collins: How the Mighty Fall

One of the biggest problems of having your world turned upside down is that it can provoke emotional reactions that actually make things worse. At the top of the list is fear, and the fight or flight reflex it invokes. The fight or flight reflex is ancient neuro-programming that, with rare exceptions, is outmoded today (when is the last time you had to run away from a saber tooth tiger?). The problems we face today cannot be physically fought and they cannot be run away from.

If you get a note from your bank stating that your mortgage is overdue, challenging the bank president to a duel will just get you into a lot more trouble, and running away from the problem (i.e. denial) will not make it go away.

When your world turns upside down, you need to remember what you were told in kindergarten before crossing a street: stop, look, listen. Before you say or do anything, think twice and seek advice. Don’t let fear make you stupid.

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