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Staying on Top When Your World's Upside Down


Thursday’s Promise: Contribution

Tác giả: Joe Tye

“When you make life easy for others, you become a guardian angel—someone who can be counted on for great work and little hassle. Once you have that reputation, people will give you whatever you want to keep you in their corner.”
Marc Myers: How to Make Luck

With Thursday’s promise, you commit yourself to paying forward as well as to paying back. As you internalize Thursday’s Promise, you will begin to appreciate the ancient wisdom of the Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu, who said you can never become happy and successful by trying to achieve happiness and success, but only by helping others to be happier and more successful.

One of the great paradoxes of life is that the more you devote yourself to service to others, the richer and more rewarding (and eventually rewarded) your life will be. If you read the book or saw the movie Pay It Forward you’ll recognize that philosophy.

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