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Video Processing

Mathematics and Statistics

Quality Enhancement for Compressed Images and Videos

Tác giả: Truong Nguyen


1. Image and Video Compression

1.1. Image compression: JPEG

1.2. Video compression: MPEG and H26x

2. Artifacts in Compression

2.1. Spatial Artifacts: blocking and ringing

2.2. Temporal Artifacts: mosquito and flickering

2.3. Review on Methods for Quality Enhancement

3. Spatial Filtering for Quality Enhancement

3.1. Blocking Artifacts Reduction: DCT-based low-pass filtering

3.2. Ringing Artifacts Reduction: fuzzy filtering

4. Spatio-temporal Filtering for Quality Enhancement

4.1. Motion Compensated Temporal Linear Filtering

4.2 Adaptive Fuzzy Motion Compensated Spatio-temporal Filtering

5. Extended Topics on Quality Enhancement

5.1. Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Coding

5.2. Data Pruning-based Compression

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