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As America's Values Coach, Joe Tye helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals by more effectively living their values. He is creator of The Twelve Core Action Values, a comprehensive and systematic curriculum of values-based life and leadership skills.

Joe is also the author of more than a dozen books and audio programs on personal, professional, and business success, including the international bestseller Never Fear, Never Quit: A Story of Courage and Perseverance.

Joe is a nationally-acclaimed speaker with a unique and compelling message. He has worked with a wide variety of hospitals, associations, businesses, and Fortune 500 companies across North America. He provides practical tools and solutions to help client organizations cultivate a more positive and productive workplace environment and corporate culture.

The Values Coach e-mail newsletter Spark Plug has a large and growing worldwide readership. This unique e-publication gives readers a regular infusion of great information and ideas, and the inspiration to put them into practice. To subscribe, visit Joe's web site at www.JoeTye.com.

Joe lives with his family on a small farmstead in Iowa, and his second home is at tent in the backcountry of the Grand Canyon.

Joe Tye

America’s Values Coachtm

P.O. Box 490

Solon, IA 52333-0490


joe@joetye .com

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