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We would like to begin by acknowledging all the instructors of the Center for Foreign Languages (CFL) of Can Tho University and all the students, who have attended the English for Tourism Course at the CFL and have given us a lot of inspiration. We have received a lot of sincere encouragement and valuable ideas from our dear colleagues. I would not have been able to have complete lessons without their precious opinions.

In particular, we are grateful to Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Vice-Rector of Can Tho University for his tremendous support and encouragement. We also owe a special thanks to Ms. Le Thi Tuyet Mai, Mr. Nguyen Buu Huan, Mr Tran Quoc Hung and Ms. Lynn Surrette for their excellent suggestions on our lessons and teaching methodology.

We know of no way to thank Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong, English Department, School of Education, for his outstanding editorial assistance.

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