Sy Hien Dinh

Sy Hien Dinh
Applications and design of integrated circuits

As an example of the application of op-amps in area of active filters, we will discuss the Butterwort filter. The discussion is only an introduction to the subject ...

Basic Concepts

We introduce some basic concepts such as charge, current, voltage, power, energy, circuit elements, electric circuit.

Basic Laws

We introduce some fundamental laws govern electric circuits. These laws known as Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s laws, from the foundation upon which electric circuit analysis is build. In ...

Capacitors and Inductors

We shall introduce two important passive linear circuit elements: the capacitor and the inductor. With the introduction of capacitors and inductors, we will be able analyze more important ...

Circuit theorems

The growth in areas of application of electric circuits has led to an evolution from simple to complex circuits. To handle the complexity, engineers over the years have ...

Digital circuits

This module presents the basic concepts of MOSFET digital logic circuits. We will examine NMOS logic circuits, which contain only n-channel transistors, and complementary MOS, or CMOS, logic ...

Electronic Circuit Analysis

This textbook introduces DC and AC circuits and analog and digital circuits

First order circuits

We shall examine two types of simple circuits: a circuit comprising a resistor and capacitor and a circuit comprising a resistor and an inductor. These are called RC ...

Frequency response

We begin by considering the frequency response of simple circuits using their transfer functions. We then consider Bode plots which are the industry-standard way of presenting frequency response. ...


This module introduces approach to order of presentation of topics of electronic circuit analysis.

Method of analysis

We will develop two powerful techniques for circuit analysis: nodal analysis, which is based on a systematic application of Kirchhoff’s current law (KCL) and mesh analysis which based ...

Operational amplifiers

We begin by discussing the ideal op amp and later consider the nonideal op amp. Using nodal analysis as a tool, we consider ideal op amp circuits such ...

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